Implementing SAFe Course

The present article talks about the 4-day initiative course on Knowledge for Implementing SAFe Course 5.1 with SPC Certification. The SAFe Course intends to lead a change in a lean-agile transformation by making you a SAFe Program Consultant. So, enroll now and master the skills and expertise in agile principles and use it to successfully plan, coach SAFe® transformations and promote SAFe practices across the enterprise.

      I. Why go for SAFe Course on KnowledgeHut

These days the demand for a skilled SAFe Program Consultants is highly sought after. This is the reason KnowledgeHut has brought this great opportunity on its platform to provide SAFe Course.

The SAFe framework from Scaled Agile is the mode of choice for scaling Agile as currently used by at least 70% of Fortune 100 companies with more than 8,00,000 certified practitioners around the world.

Being a professionally skilled SAFe Program Consultant, one will not only be equipped to add value in a SAFe environment, but also distinguish themselves at the top companies, looking for such skilled candidates in SAFe who are competent to deliver high-value products to customers.

One will learn playing a crucial role in Agile teams as a product manager as they take the all the lead in driving design, strategy, and also product vision.

    II. What you will learn in Implementing a SAFe® with SPC Certification

This SAFe Program Consultant Training Certification course has been thoughtfully curated with the idea to help those who seek to prepare for the SAFe Program Consultant exam. Upon the completion of course and by the very end, you will find yourself completely equipped with all the principles and practices of a SAFe transformation. The course will help you learn in various ways. The essential facets of what this course offers to you are:

  1. Learn about way of coaching a SAFe Transformation and lead a Lean-Agile transformation in enterprise.
  • You will also learn about launching Agile Release trains and the different steps involved in its launching.
  • You develop idea to identify value streams, map and manage them so that the right values can be prioritized across organization.
  • Develop knowledge on how to build Agile product strategy and deliver the effective solution with product delivery.
  • You will learn how to develop roadmaps for value creating in the organization and managing them regularly to evolve tactfully.
  • You will get to understand each role and will learn how to identify and do justice to do the roles within a SAFe implementation.

 III. Significance of SAFe Program Consultant Certification

The SAFe Program Consultant Certification is specifically designed with an aim to instill in you all the required skills that is in demand in smooth delivery of SAFe coaching across your Enterprise.

Upon successful completion of this SAFe training course you will be fit to receive the professional SAFe Program Consultant certification and it will facilitate in making you all set and prepared to pass the exam in your the very first attempt.

As a professional SAFe Program Consultant, you will then be able to aid trainings across the enterprise to successfully implement SAFe practices and ensure that these practices are being followed in continuance over time. And not to mention, this certification shall set you stand out among your peers, delivering higher career growth in a role much in demand across the industry.

 IV. Final Remarks:

For this SAFe Program Consultant Training course, all the stakeholders of a Lean-Agile transformation are warmly welcomed to attend the course. Also, do note that there are certain set of pre-requisites that you need to met with in order to get certified.