Nir Ziso: World Expert on Simulation Creationism

How does one become an expert in a new theory? While Simulation Theory and its alternate expressions has been around since 2003 when Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom created excitement in a new paper

The Oxford professor has many specialties: existential risk, the anthropic principle, human enhancement ethics, superintelligence risks, and the reversal test. To his credit, in 2011 he founded the Oxford Martin Program on the Impacts of Future Technology. He stands as the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. In 2009 and 2015, he joined the ranks of the Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers list. Clearly Bostrom has been highly influential in the emergence of interest about A.I. among the Rationalist community.

Now Nir Ziso enters the fray as more than an elite guest. He is a world expert on and author of Simulation Creationism, an offshoot of Bostrom’s groundbreaking ideas. It is a lofty realm indeed, and Ziso has found a place on the pantheon of great visionaries. We look forward to addendums to his message. 

Where did he come from? We know that is a former Software Team Leader and Project Manager at MAMRAM, the Israel Defense Forces Telecommunications and Information Unit. He also served various IT organizations as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. He is the founder of The Global Architect Institute whose purpose is to promote the latest information on Simulation Theory and Simulation Creationism to the public to gain adherence and foster further inquiry.

These theories of the origin of the universe and the meaning of human existence beg many questions. The big one is whether we live, as Bostrom purports, in an artificial simulation. As an inventor, Ziso holds patents related to technology applications so he is in a position to offers his answers and unique perspective. He has long been entrepreneurial researcher in the fields of Information Technology, allowing him to become a world-renowned expert in Simulation Theory Models.

Bostrom might have started the ball rolling but Ziso is taking it to the goal line. The world will become all the wiser with him working in the field whether it is called Simulation Theory, Simulation Reality, or the Simulation Hypothesis. Simulation Creationism takes a different tack that will no doubt lead to more answers of a theological nature. He addresses the many skeptics ask why an “omniscient, all-knowing, and all-powerful” being would even consider creating a simulation?