How to Find Websites or Blogs to Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting/blogging is regarded by many SEO specialists as a technique to build link mass and it has become extremely popular in the SEO industry. According to experts, the current tendencies promise that its popularity will be growing. The below guide is dedicated to guest posting and how it allows to find good quality links.

What is guest posting about?

Briefly, guest posting means the following:

If you have a post which needs to be published and you want to pay to have it published – then it is called advertising or a sponsored post.

If money is paid to another person for writing or placing a post containing a link to your website or brand – then we call it native advertising.

If you have a piece of written content and you have no intentions to pay but propose it to well-ranked websites to publish your article free-of-charge, then it is a guest post.

The essential difference between a guest post and sponsored content is that the first is published for free and the latter – for pay. Besides, free guest posts are typically deliver better quality whereas sponsored content tends to get less attention.

What is so important about guest posts?

Question number one: why would somebody want to publih a guest post? The answer can be described in three parts: with a guest post the author * will mention your business or brand * establish a link from a respected resource, and * get a flow of visitors from their page to your website. These three benefits may greatly improve the key ranking factors that are used by search engines to rank the website.

Now let's answer the queston: why an authoritative website need a guest post? The reasons can be various: different websites have their own reasons:

  • allow industry experts to express their ideas online
  • accept new and unique content on the blog
  • regularly update their blog
  • easily receive free and good quality content

Based on the above, the guest posting works as a win-win strategy for both authors of guest posts and publishers of the content.

Can a guest post strategy harm the website?

No, in most cases. But there may be exceptions:

– If the content is paid, where a website wants to publish someone else's guest post for a fee. Potentially, this can be a problem since such a strategy can be viewed by search engines as manipulation of the search ranking.

– Irrelevant links. It is simple to understand: web visitors and search engines are unhappy if a cooking how-to guide is published on a political blog. Such a link will not generate the so much wanted referral traffic; conversion rate low and this will just worsen the bounce rate; irrelevant links may be regarded as spam by search engines.

– Poor quality website. It is the same as if you establish a link from a link farm, an old definition of spam site. Always check if the donor is OK before suggesting a guest post to them.

Where to search for websites accepting guest posting?

There is a high demand for good websites that may agree to publish guest posts. They can be located in several ways.

Option 1: connect to webite owners

Most owners of websites would be happy to publish good quality posts for the reasons that were analyzed above.

How to speak to website owners?

1. Search the website in question
The best way is to look for contact information on its pages. Usually, websites have a page where its admins display the contact information.

2. Contact the editorial
If you don't know how to contact the editor or another person responsible for blogging, the only way left is to send a message directly to the website editor.

Look for a high value website relevant to your topic that has editorial contacts. Send an email with a brief explanation of your guest posting proposal.

If the editors find your offer attractive and express interest in the proposed guest post, you will surely be published. This would work even with most known guest posting platforms such as Huff Post.

Option 2: search for potential websites with links to competitors

The easiest method to find new guest posting opportunities is to run a detailed exploration of backlinks that are leading to your competitor websites.

When you are to analyze the link mass of your competitors you assume that they have a blog and build up backlinks. In this case, their strategy can be used by you too.

For this, you can use any well-known link analytics tool, such as, for example, MOZ or Ahrefs. In their reports, the competitors' links may look like this: 

Find good backlinks from the list. Explore the websites to find contact data. Ask them how you can publish a thematic guest post. Use this approach for every new website from the list. With this approach you can find lots of websites to get your guest post accepted.

Option 3: search engines

Run a search with special operators. They may be different for each engine. For Google, it should be "inurl: submit-guest-post" or "inurl: write-for-us". The resulting search can look like this:

A pleasant advantage of this method is that the websites found in Google are those free of penalties and it is safer to ask for a guest post on them.

Another method to find websites and blogs that agree to guest posting is to use the intitle operator instead of inurl:

You can vary different search operators and search terms to find appropriate websites to place your guest post.

Option 4: rated guides and lists of websites

As guest posting is becoming popularity in the SEO industry, among link builders and publishers, numerous websites and blogs are emerging to provide guest post accepting websites as rated searchable lists.

Example: List of Websites That Accept Guest Posts at Bizpages

The websites listed there are incessantly checked and verified against certain criteria. The results are sorted so that you can find the right category, whether the post is free or paid, follow or nofollow link, individual website or aggregator, etc.

Option 5 – using specialized guest post collections

Guest Post Aggregators are mostly offering their services to people who need sponsored posts, though in some cases such collections may suggest websites that accept both paid and free guest posts. The websites included in such services are typically sorted by domain authority (such as MOZ DA), theme, price, and other factors.

For example, is website serving as a place to connect publishers accepting guest posts and authors that are writing guest posts for publishing. 


Using the technique described above, guest posting authors can spread a word about their ideas, activities, products or activities through guest posts publishing on authority blogs or websites. Such guest posts will provide valuable links in a natural manner in exchange for good quality content. They can be used as a valuable tool in your web marketing and promotion strategies.

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